Among my resources, videos and audio storytelling will be growing, but you can also find me in a brief video in the Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Grants directory.

When I first started creating my own website (back when dragons roamed the earth and princesses took matters into their own hands), I began with a few articles that evolved from some of my workshops. Because I knew there were other resources related to those topics, I also gave a few links to sites I liked the best on those topics.

Those articles remain and now are able to grow since I’ve created a bit of a structure and my  blog to keep them from crowding out my storytelling programs. After all, my mission is to share stories from around the world and back through time.

As for the links, there now are separate Links pages for  links specifically on Storytelling & related areas.

One thing you may notice about my Storytelling Resources is they often are arranged alphabetically for easy browsing.

After all those years as a librarian- storyteller what did you expect? Dewey Decimal System?

Sharing the Fire workshop evaluations, Boston, MA

LoiS sez: Here are Storytelling Resources for You

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